Burst Cherry 15mm Pop Ups Tim56-8s pot

The Bait Room's specialist hookbaits are packed with the finest Additives, Flavours, Hydrolysed feed compounds and Amino Acids currently available. Considerable effort has gone in to searching out the very best premium feed stimulants, palatants, organic acids and sweeteners thus making certain our portfolio of attraction is diverse and unparalleled. Every recipe has been carefully crafted over many months and in some cases years, the additives and attractors are loaded to a level where no more can be included without impairing the structure or buoyancy of the hookbait... And if that's not enough, every cooked batch is then subjected to a lengthy steeping process involving re-hydration with our own dedicated liquor and then re-airdrying in a controlled de-humidifed enviroment. This process is repeated several times before each bait is considered "pot ready".

Everything is taste checked in house and even though we use immense amounts of attraction there are absolutely no bitter edges associated with doing so, meticulous attention to taste and detail, coupled with some of the worlds most expensive natural sweeteners and palatants ensures a thoroughly impeccable taste profile. Everything is done by hand, mixes are steamed at an amino safe temperature and each bait hand selected to make certain you receive a first class pot of hookbaits.

If your looking for that ‘something special’ to perhaps target a particular fish or new water, or may be just a secret weapon for your bait bag then continue through the site and make a purchase, you wont be unhappy. However, most visitors to this site do so through recommendation or first hand experience of exactly what these Hookbaits are capable of!